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When you think "free-range," you should think of Nancy's Freedom Farm.
For over 15 years, Nancy and her crew have been striving to make learning exciting and engaging for all ages.
Most of our friendly animals were either born and raised here on the farm or have been rescued. There are dogs and cats, as well as a variety of agricultural animals like goats, sheep, alpacas, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits.
The interactive experiences and sociable animals have left an indelible impression on our younger visitors.
What you put into an animal is exactly what you'll get back. There is nothing more rewarding for Nancy and her staff than seeing the excitement on the faces of the children who come to the farm as they interact with the animals they have spent so much time caring for.
The time for cuddling has arrived.... 

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Free Range Eggs

Our Free Range Eggs come from happy, healthy chickens that are free to roam and forage in our pastures. Our chickens enjoy a healthy diet of grains, seeds, grasses, and insects that are locally sourced and never given antibiotics or hormones. These eggs are a great way to get the freshest, most wholesome, and most nutritious eggs for your breakfast. Our Free Range Eggs are rich in nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Get your eggs fresh from the farm today! 

  • $12 Per Dozen  

  • Available 7 days weekly for Self Service

  • Self service hours: 11 am to 3pm 

  • For large orders, please call Nancy!

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Farm Visits

Visit Nancy’s Freedom Farm and experience the joy of being around animals. Children never forget the friendly animals and all of the hands-on activities. When it comes to animals you only get out what you put in. You can collect your own free range eggs, straight from the nesting boxes and interact with the friendliest farm animals. Nancy and her crew will be on-hand to answer any questions and provide a unique experience of farm life.

  • $25 Per Adult and $15 Per Child.

  • Phone or Text Nancy as bookings are essential!

  • Open all Weekends for "Farm Visits" which involve animal petting and egg collecting!


    “Farm Visits” hours: 11 am to 3 pm. (Weather permitting) 



Nancy's Freedom Farm

97 Arcadia Road

Arcadia, NSW, 2159



Nancy is a hard-working farmer who runs her own farm. She is always busy tending to her animals, so please give her time to get back to you.

We understand that you may have inquiries, but Nancy is a one-woman show and is doing her best to manage her time and responsibilities. Please be patient and give Nancy time to get back to you with a response. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your support.

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